8 Reasons to Buy a Fort Collins Home

#1  FORT COLLINS QUALITY OF LIFE From outstanding schools, to a fabulous university, to quality restaurants and great sense of community,private and public beaches on lakes and reservoirs, small Fort Collins homes to large luxury Fort Collins homes all make living in Fort Collins a reason to enjoy this magnificent area for all seasons. #2… Read More

Just Sold 3509 Green Spring in Fossil Lake Ranch

This Fort Collins neighborhood is hot! Another great Fossil Lake Ranch home has just sold. 3509 Green Spring Dr just sold for $437,000. Fossil Lake Ranch is a great neighborhood in Southeast Fort Collins that feeds into 3 great neighborhood schools. Not many places in Fort Collins can you walk to the Elementary School – Zach Elementary,… Read More

Rent or Buy a Fort Collins Home?

When you are trying to decide whether or not you should buy or rent a home, you need to consider many different factors like what’s going on in the economy, your commitment level, and your finances. A recent study from www.calculatedriskblog.com said that 26% of renters spend more than half of their incomes on housing…. Read More

Owning a Fort Collins Home is a Smart Decision

Owners, Renters Agree: Owning a Fort Collins Home Is a Smart Decision A large portion of current Fort Collins owners and renters have agreed that owning a home in this city is an intelligent decision as a long term investment. 95% of home owners and 72% of renters have stated in a poll, conducted by… Read More

How To Convert Your Basement Into a More Useful Room in Your Fort Collins Home

Many homes in Fort Collins offer basements as an added benefit to the home. Although a basement and more space always seem like a plus, many residents are not taking full advantage of the living space. Instead of using the basement for a useful room, people are finding themselves using the basement as some kind… Read More

Get the Best Price for Your Home in Fort Collins

There is a smart way and a not-so-smart way to get the best price for your home in Fort Collins in the New Year The first thing you want to make sure to ensure you’re the most influential seller is to make sure the price is right. It’s important to look at other similar properties… Read More

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