Get Ready To Sell Your Home

You’ve Decided To Sell Your Home

1. Get Your House Ready to Show

Showing Your HomeOne of the most important parts of selling your home is to make sure that it gives off the “wow factor” before potential buyers even walk through the door. It’s common knowledge that a house can sell faster and for a higher price if the house looks great from the street. Curb appeal is what it is generally referred to. You need to sell your home for top dollar.

When a potential buyer sees a house that is well maintained and looks great, they will subconsciously believe that they are getting a great value and that other parts of the house that they cannot see are in great shape as well. It’s really a win-win situation for both sides – the buyer gets an aesthetically great looking house and the seller is able to sell faster and for a higher price.

It’s an easy first thought to think that making your home look better may be too expensive. However, it’s recommended that you spend the least amount of money possible in order to get the most bang for your buck!

By making small upgrades to your home such as new door knobs, fresh paint on the walls, or touch ups around the house, you can really make a big difference without spending that much money. These inexpensive improvements can give the same effect as more expensive renovations such as a makeover of a bathroom or a kitchen.

Specific Tips for a Good Interior

When home buyers are touring your home, they want to see a home that has lots of space and is very clean. Be sure to rearrange furniture in a way that can give the effect of the most open space as possible. It’s important that the house be clean with no odors; this is especially in areas like the bathroom or family gathering rooms.

Pay attention to any cracked, broken, or damaged parts of your home that may be on walls, windows, cabinets, ceilings, doors, or mirrors. By fixing these minor issues, your home will look much better to residents. Consider opening blinds and adding lamps to dark areas because home buyers are attracted to bright areas.

Be sure to remove any clutter from the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Remove counter top appliances and food on kitchen counters. Remove toiletry’s from the bathroom and be sure to put the dirty clothes in the closet or in a hamper.

Specific Tips for a Good Exterior

It can make a big difference to have your home look great from the street, because it can make a positive first impression for potential home buyers. Your lawn should be one of your main priorities. Nothing turns off a potential buyer like an uncared for landscape.

Make sure to keep your lawn freshly cut and watered daily. Clean any gutters that have visible leaves or debris caught in them. A front door light and outdoor furniture can also add a more personable affect that will attract home buyers. New, fresh flowers and a new door mat are inexpensive touches that make a big difference.

If you have any cracked or peeling paint, be sure to touch it up if possible. You’ll also want to clean the windows. You can do this easily with a little bit of vinegar and water with a trusty razor blade. Rake the leaves if it’s in the fall. Be sure to shovel the driveway and the walkaways during the winter months when there is snow on the ground.

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