What Does A Fort Collins Buyers Agent Do and Why You Need One

Before We Begin The Search

Fort Collins Real Estate AgentBefore we can begin to start your search for a compatible Fort Collins home, it is imperative that you, as a home buyer, find a Fort Collins lender to get an idea of your spending limits and make sure that you have credit that would allow you to purchase a home.

Once we know what type of parameters we are looking for in your home, we will then begin to assess what will work for you in your Fort Collins home. We will discuss what specific needs and wants you will want have in your new home and I’ll be able to brainstorm different options that will work both for your budget and your lifestyle.

At this point, I will have a good idea of what type of house you will need in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’ll begin finding properties that only fit the requirements that you specify within your budget; we will then take tours and find your dream home! I’m willing to take all steps necessary to find something that works for you. We may have to only look at 1 house or at 100 houses in Fort Collins, but I guarantee we will find it!

After We Find Your House

Once we find your perfect house in Fort Collins, it’s important that we pull up all records on the home and take a thorough look into the house’s backgrounds and market values. I want to prepare the best possible price for you, my client, and I will need to get multiple contracts and do extensive looks into the home’s market value to make sure we are getting accurate data and an accurate price.

In order to get correct pricing and market values, we will setup a home inspection with a reputable home inspector that can give us accurate and correct information about any home repairs or issues that need to be addressed. The bank that we are working with to get your mortgage will get us an independent appraisal specialist that can give us an estimate on the price of the home in Fort Collins. I will also go over contracts and property records in Fort Collins and discuss with other realtors about an accurate assessment of the home’s value.

When we have your home selected and a price that we are ready to work with, we will make an offer to the sellers. Once we have negotiated a price that works for you, I will make sure that everything works smoothly with your money lender. I will take care of and fully cover all the paperwork to ensure that we have everything we need for closing.

The Closing

Now that everything has been setup and prepared including, but not limited to the prices, home inspections, paperwork, and contracts, we will be ready to meet the seller for the moment you have been waiting for: the closing for your Fort Collins dream home! We’ll make sure that we have the money prepared to pay for the home itself via your lender and arrange paperwork so that the home will be officially recognized as yours.

The best part of signing the official closing contract is here! You get a copy of the HUD-1 (the closing contract itself) to prepare for tax purposes and now you get to move in!

Most of the work in this home buying process is on me because I want you to be concerned with finding the home that works best for you. Once you are all moved into your Fort Collins home, then my job will be complete!


I will make sure that the real estate sign and lock box are removed, and make sure that you have a copy of the HUD-1 (closing document) for next year’s tax return. You now get to move in!

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