Get the Best Price for Your Home in Fort Collins

There is a smart way and a not-so-smart way to get the best price for your home in Fort Collins in the New Year

Clean Your HomeThe first thing you want to make sure to ensure you’re the most influential seller is to make sure the price is right. It’s important to look at other similar properties to get an idea of what the average price would be for your home. In order to sell it more quickly, put your price point at about 10%-15% below other prices in order for your home to get shown to more individuals, thus getting sold more quickly.

Save Home Buyers Money

When many home owners want to buy a house, they will want a better price at closing because of a home inspection that has found different problems. By doing a home inspection up front, you can factor in these problems into your price ahead of time without getting any price cuts on your home at closing. It can also make sense to further entice possible home buyers by including other financial incentives such as free lawn or snow care for a season, paying the house taxes for a year, or pay closing expenses for the buyer for further interest to the buyer.

Reach a Large Audience

3d person making a speech on loudspeakerIf you want to sell your home as fast as possible, it’s important to reach the largest audience possible to see your home. In today’s home buying economy, potential home owners have taken to the internet to research and find homes that they may be interested in buying.

By taking around 8 high quality, well lit, and clutter free photos of your home, you are giving yourself excellent curb appeal that will attract buyers to want to take a tour of your home. Some high traffic real estate websites that you will want your home to be included on are Yahoo! Real estate, Zip realty, Trulia,, Zillow, and Craigslist.

Improve the Way Your Home Looks

In order to attract home buyers to like what you see, it’s important to invest into three different parts of your home: the front of your home, the living room of your home, and the kitchen of your home. Try pulling up to your house and consider what a home buyer’s first impression will be when they see your home. It will help you improve your home’s look from the outside if you paint your door, steam clean your driveway, have a clean cut lawn, cleanly trimmed flowers and bushes, and organized outdoor furniture.

Your living room should be completely clutter free and have as much open space as possible. Home buyers love to see open space because it gives the illusion that the home is larger than it actually is. If you can afford to paint the walls white with small touches of color, move out excess furniture, and bring in more light, this room could sell your home.

Lastly, you want to make sure your kitchen is in tip top shape for potential home buyers. Home buyers will be spending a large amount of time in the kitchen preparing meals and they want to make sure it’s convenient and works for them. By changing cabinet fronts, adding more light, updating knobs and drawers, and getting a professional to clean the floor, your kitchen will help sell your home.

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