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Why Do You Need A Realtor or Realtors?

I don’t know what Realtors can do for me and I don’t know you so why would I use you? This sometimes what I hear when people are chatting. Some people just don’t trust Realtors for reason and that’s fine. People either love us and find value in what we do or hate us, there really is not an in-between. People do not understand what Realtors bring to the table and why they are of great value to you.

#1 Reason to Hire a Realtor is Generally Speaking You Will Make More Money if you Do So.

If you don’t want to make that much money than fine go ahead and try to sell your home yourself. NAR the National Association of Realtors states that you will net 22% more if you use a Realtor. I don’t know about you but after fees that is still 22% more money in your pocket than if you would have sold the home yourself. It’s proven time and time again. 76% of people who try to sell their home themselves end up hiring a Realtor. And at the end of the day they are still paying for maintenance, taxes, insurance, hoa fees, etc. If they would have hired a professional Realtor in the first place they would have saved themselves a lot of heartache and time. Time saved is huge!

#2 You Open Yourself Up to a Lot of Liability if You Sell On Your Own

Have you extensive experience handling multiple offers yourself? Will you get sued? Do you know how to extract more money from buyers? Do you know how to negotiate? Do you have insurance that will cover you in case there is a problem? Will you get through the home inspection? Will you close? You need Realtors to help you in the process.

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