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Relocating to a new city is fun and exciting…It is also terrifying. Meeting new people, deciding on what schools to put your kids in, what neighborhood to live, the list goes on and on. I have a pretty good grasp on what people want and need after selling real estate for the past 10 years. If you are moving to Fort Collins and why wouldn’t you? You have a family and you have school-aged kids I can point you in the right direction for the best kid-friendly neighborhoods and top-rated schools. Do you want a neighborhood with a community swimming pool? Do you want a neighborhood walking distance to the schools? If you are looking to relocate to Fort Collins and you are retiring I can help you find some great areas with patio homes or the like that might interest you. If you are moving here for a change of life style I can help you with that as well. Fort Collins has something for everyone so let me help you find a good area based on your needs and wants.

Fort Collins is made up of four quadrants:

Northwest Fort Collins, Northeast Fort Collins, Southwest Fort Collins and Southeast Fort Collins. I will break each quadrant down here.

Southeast Fort Collins: This quadrant is made up of a lot of families and newer construction. Homes in this part of town are on the pricey side. To be in the top schools your average price for a home will probably range about $500,000 and up. There are condos and townhomes as well that feed into the top-schools but they usually not a typical family is looking for. Some of the neighborhoods that might work for a family just moving to Fort Collins and wanting to be in top neighborhood school area with a community pool and other families are:

Fossil Lake Ranch

Observatory Village

McClelland’s Creek

Kecther Crossing

Willow Springs


The elementary school for these neighborhoods is Zach Elementary , Kruse and Bacon and the middle school is Kinard and Preston. The high school is Fossil Ridge High School.

Southwest Fort Collins: This quadrant is made up of a little bit older homes, more established neighborhoods and more space between homes. So if you come from a lot of land and want a little piece here this might be a good fit for you. Some neighborhoods are:

Clarendon Hills


Taft Canyon

The elementary schools are Johnson and McGraw and middle schools Webber and high school Rocky Mountain High School

Northwest Fort Collins are older homes, more space built in the 60’s and 70’s. A few neighborhoods there are:

Richard’s Lake


The elementary school is Cache La Poudre and the middle school is Cache La Poudre and the high school is Poudre

Northwest Fort Collins

This part of Fort Collins is newer and has newer construction that is affordable. Great views and affordability abound.

Neighborhoods include:

Maple Hill

Eagle Lake

Linden Lake

The elementary school is Tavelli, middle school is Lincoln and the high school is Poudre

This is just a sampling of the neighborhoods in Fort Collins. If you are thinking of relocating here give me a call and we can talk further about it.

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