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Taste of Fort Collins

Taste of Fort Collins

1. Fort Collins is Consistently Ranked A Top Place to Live in America

Many publications rank Fort Collins as a top place to live year after year and there are so many reasons for this. On Livability’s most recent list it ranks number 14. So many factors make it tops. Many great employment opportunities from our mini–Silicon Valley with some quality tech companies, Colorado State University, so many breweries, and many other companies who have decided to make Fort Collins home. These all help make the Fort Collins real estate market very stable with no signs of changing.

2. You’re So Close to Denver

But you are not actually in Denver you are about an hour away. If you are like me and you love to get out of town a few times a year, it’s so nice to be near a major international airport DIA. I can get to DIA in 55 minutes and with time to spare in the Priority Lounge Restaurant at Sweetwater Grill really makes it a joy to travel.

3. Fort Collins is the 4th Happiest City in America

It’s a scientific fact moving to Fort Collins will make you happier. There was a study done by National Geographic author Dan Buettner. The study measured all sorts of factors from healthy eating to financial wealth, to more and Fort Collins came in fourth out of 190 other areas across the country. Quite impressive.

4. Fort Collins is LOCAL

Every time I shop or need something I really try to support local businesses. I am a local businesswoman as well and I totally get the go local movement. We should support the small businesses whenever we can. I am not alone, most of the Fort Collins community loves to support their local businesses. There are 400 restaurants and over 20 local breweries, farmers’ markets, local boutiques. We love to support these great folks!

5. Free Events

Free Large-Scale Events In the summer there are so many great festivals to enjoy. My favorites are Taste of Fort Collins. I always volunteer at Brewfest so you will see me there if you are in town pouring beer for the local breweries. The local concert series are always favorites as well. There is always something going on in Fort Collins.

6. Craft Beer

Craft Beer is World Renowned New Belgium Brewery is a huge reason why Fort Collins has grown into a busy, green city that it is today. There are many other local favorites such as Odell’s, Rally King, Zwei and there is even cider bars and Turtle Mountain Kombucha tap room is really fun and different.

7. Fort Collins Is Expanding

Its growing – Fort Collins is a very desirable community, and it keeps growing. Come find out why so many people enjoy this amazing city I call home. Housing prices are stable and increasing at the moment but with new businesses moving here and more people finding out about us now is a good time to buy Fort Collins real estate.

8. The Weather

You can’t beat it. We get ranked as having some of the best weather in the country. Not too hot not too cold. We do live up to our 360 days of sunshine a year. Even when it snows it is still nice and this is coming from a California girl who really doesn’t like the cold. And I really don’t like showing houses in the snow. Not fun! But I do what I must do in this Fort Collins real estate market.

I Am a Great Local Resource for Fort Collins and The Surrounding Areas

I am a great source for all things local to Fort Collins. I know the neighborhoods. I know the schools. I know the tennis clubs. I know the golf clubs. I know the breweries. I know the yoga studios. I know of great classes for kids. I know of great sports programs for kids. I know programs for seniors. I know a lot. Use me and my knowledge. Contact me today for a great intro to Fort Collins Real Estate. Allison Klein – Fort Collins Real Estate 970-818-6668 allison@allisonkleinhomes.com

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