5 Cost Effective Projects to Improve Curb Appeal for Fort Collins Real Estate

Fort Collins Real Estate tips: You could spend a lot of money on exterior home improvements and still not sell your home in Fort Collins. Worse yet, you might rake in the offers, but realize that the money you invested cannot possibly be recouped. That’s why it’s better to focus your energy – and your budget –… Read More

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

A high percentage of home owners are also pet owners, and even though nothing compares to having a pet, there are definitely some disadvantages. One major disadvantage is cleaning up after them, because you can’t expect them to do it themselves now can you? Dogs usually do their business outside, and cats will have their… Read More

Top Replacement Projects to Sell Homes in Fort Collins

Homes in Fort Collins – Replacement Projects In today’s economy, it is no longer as lucrative as it once was to do upgrades or additions on your home for sale in order to get more value in it. Since 2006, Fort Collins has experienced a negative decline in home prices. Although, in the past, upgrades… Read More

Selling Your Home in Fort Collins

Deciding whether or not to sell your home in Fort Collins can be a trying time Since the economy has recently suffered because of the housing crisis, many residents of Fort Collins have wondered if now is a good time to sell and leave the housing market or stay in it for the long run. Other… Read More

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