What Would MacGyver Do to Save Energy in Your Fort Collins Home?

pedal_foot_faucetMany people throughout Fort Collins are realizing that in this economy, it’s important to always be prepared and save money where you can when you own a home. When you own a home, it can be easy to use all the resources available to you without really thinking about ways to save.

However, many residents are beginning to figure out that the internet has a plethora of information readily available on many ways to save money when owning a home. I found a clever article that takes advantage of a way to save a lot of water in your room while doing dishes by using a simple water pump.

The contributor on this article decided that he was using way too much water to do his dishes. It’s pretty easy to see that when you are doing dishes and have water constantly running, it can really add up. This is especially true if you just finished feeding your family after watching the Colorado State University football game.

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Basically, what the contributor came up with, as linked below, was an easy to install solenoid valve that opens and closes whenever electricity is applied. The electricity is sent to the solenoid valve whenever a pump is pushed, which can be activated from your foot below the sink.

Once you either activate or deactivate the pump, the water will be reused when doing dishes so that no more additional water will be added to your bill. After you are finished cleaning dishes, you can simply deactivate the pump by pushing on the pedal to allow clean water to come through.

Although it sounds complicated to set something like this up, it is actually relatively simple and only needs a few materials to get started. The materials you will need to complete this are a pedal, 12 feet or more of electrical wire, a pair of 12 volt DC solenoid valves, electrical tape, and a 12 volt DC adapter.

The only tools you need to have to complete this job are an adjustable wrench and wire strippers. The full how to and instructions are below in order to get this job done and get your Fort Collins house more green!

Save Energy On Your Home

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