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In today’s economy, it is no longer as lucrative as it once was to do upgrades or additions on your home for sale in order to get more value in it. Since 2006, Fort Collins has experienced a negative decline in home prices. Although, in the past, upgrades and additions to homes were viable ways to make up for falling home values, in today’s economy it may not be as cost effective.

However, according to a report by Remodeling Magazine, there are still options available to increase the amount that you can get for your house. It is said that one of the top options for getting more value for your home are exterior replacements for your Fort Collins home. These can include garage doors, front doors, shingles, siding, and other parts of your home that are visible from the street.

Curb Appeal is Key to Selling Homes in Fort Collins

These outdoor, replacement projects have become more successful for two reasons. They are less expensive for home owners to do and they improve the curb appeal of the home. The curb appeal is how attractive your home looks from the outside from a home buyer perspective. It is common knowledge that increasing the curb appeal for a home in Fort Collins will provoke positive interest in home buyers looking at a house. A positive first impression is essential for a home to have if the seller wants to sell the home as fast as possible for the right price.

Partial kitchen remodels have also peaked interest in home buyers in more luxurious and higher end homes. Although these remodels can hold a higher price tag, many buyers in high end markets consider kitchens to be a very important room in the house. The average price can be around $21,000, however, for the increase in house value that you may receive, it could be a viable option for those willing to put in the investment.

Cost vs. Payoff For Fort Collins Homes Sales

Homeowners today who are looking to sell are taking serious looks at the cost versus value of different additions and replacement projects for their home. With the economy struggling along and many Americans out of work, every dollar counts when doing these additions to get more money for a home. Fort Collins homeowners are looking for low cost, efficient ways to increase the value of their homes.

Many projects that are being completed for lower costs are actually preforming quite well in different cities. Throughout the United States, positive reports are coming back of people making up the cost of their projects after they have sold their homes. The key is to be creative, cost efficient, and know your demographics to find additions that will really sell the house. It’s possible that the economy and housing markets are bouncing back with people receiving positive results from their investments. Either way, staying ahead of your competition and putting in cost efficient replacement projects to increase your home’s value can really make a difference in your sale price.

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My name is Allison Klein and I am a successful Fort Collins Realtor selling Fort Collins Real Estate. Search my website for Fort Collins MLS listings free. Fort Collins Realtor
My name is Allison Klein and I am a successful Fort Collins Realtor selling Fort Collins Real Estate. Search my website for Fort Collins MLS listings free. My goal is to make sure that you have the smoothest transaction possible and provide you with exemplary customer service! Let me know how I can fullfill your Fort Collins Real Estate needs. Give me a call today at 970.818.6668 or fill out my online contact form for more information.

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