Tips for Getting Prospective Fort Collins Home Buyers From Not Wanting to Run Out the Door

In getting your Fort Collins Home ready for a showing there are several tasks involved and many you would be wise not to do.

Hunting Trophy

1. Please remove any personal items you may have. I recently took some clients out to look at several Fort Collins Homes, Loveland Homes, Windsor Homes, and Timnath Homes. In every house we went inside there were photographs from years past. There would be something strange about each photo so instead of my clients focusing on the task at hand viewing your home that they might want to buy they were too busy figuring out how old your kids are now and where they all might sleep. Or why the one person doesn’t look like the rest of the family. Please, please, please take down these photos and put a generic piece of art up.

2. Please remove any dead animals from the premises. We went to one house that had numerous large hunting trophy animals that looked so real we were scared to go in the basement. You do not want to offend anyone who might not be into your thing and every time my clients looked at that hunting trophy leopard they couldn’t picture themselves in that space. The bears were a treat as well. And the guns lying all over the couch did not help any either. Instead of letting prospective buyers look at the space without your personal affects you create a bias that does not help you or your home sell.

3. I set the appointment times up at least a day in advance to view your Fort Collins Home so please don’t be in the home when we arrive. It makes the prospective buyers feel uneasy and want to get out of there as soon as possible. While you are there in one of the rooms don’t then proceed to have a conversation with my clients about the neighborhood and how much you loove to walk. Why didn’t you just go for a walk then when we showed up!

4. Please make sure your dirty laundry is off the floor when we arrive. I know you are busy, but is it really that hard to ask you to clean up your dirty clothes and make it a little tidy for us? Oh yeah, picking the trash up off the floor would help too.

5. Agents please do not ask for my feedback before we have even visited your home. I understand your need to tell your sellers what my clients thought of your home. If my clients are interested in your home I will call you to get more info.

6. Please lock up all your rifles, enough said.

7. Please put your cash away. I know I am a trusting sort as well but you can not be too careful these days. Just put it away.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter. The garage can have as much stuff in it as you like. It’s great that you love your stuff so much, but do you love it enough that it inhibits the sale of your home? You want prospective buyers to not imagine what you do in your homes, you want them to imagine themselves doing whatever it is they do in your home.

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