The Many Looks and Designs of Some of Our Favorite Celebrity Homes

Walking on the red carpetFrom small understated apartments in New York City to large, elegant estates (and everything in between), celebrities are fanatical about the design and interior of their homes.  They have their signature style as to the look they want to achieve.  Some are much more detailed and extremely extravagant while others tend to downplay their homes by keeping the look simple yet warm and inviting.

When you think of a true “Hollywood home,” Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wife, Lisa Vanderpump’s home is what comes to mind.  After regularly seeing it on the Bravo television show, it is definitely the quintessential estate-styled home.  With white as the base color in most every room, this most elegant home is so crisp that taking your shoes off at the door is a must!

Lavish chandeliers, tassels adorning everything, ornate mirrors, and an enormous master walk-in closet that resembles a high end boutique are just some of the characteristics you see walking through her home.  The outdoor living area opens up to the most scenic garden you can ever imagine with white furniture and pink flowers everywhere.  Every room is decorated to the nines then decorated again and yet again.

You would never ever feel comfortable lying on a sofa in your favorite sweatpants while watching television.  But it is a stunning home that seems fit for the wealthiest of people and is definitely what you think of when you think of the quintessential “Hollywood homes.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the perfectly decorated yet understated New York City apartment owned by Hilary Swank.  At about 1,400 square feet, it is by no means palatial but it is undoubtedly one of the most tastefully designed apartments you will ever find.  Contemporary and minimalist in its décor, the look and furniture features long, lean lines throughout each room to compliment the New York skyline.

Modern architectureEven in her kitchen, you will find simple taupe colored cabinets with straight lined hardware.  The furniture is straightforward and effortless but at the same time homey and very comfortable.  Base colors throughout her apartment are soft taupes and whites with small splashes of color or black dotting each room through Calvin Klein furniture and throw pillows or simply by adorning a chest with a vase full of greenery.

As one of the most popular celebrities around, Sarah Jessica Parker has a beautiful Hamptons home that was featured in Elle Décor several years ago.  Just looking at the exterior’s farm house style architecture with its wrap around porch makes you want to sit in a cozy, cushion-y, wicker chair with a big glass of tea.

When you step inside, you see that her home combines the best of the shabby chic look with a contemporary edge to create a pleasant, attractive and stylish home.  White walls adorn most of the rooms that are designed with warm yet bright colors as a highlight.  For example, the kitchen is white with a huge shiny red metal island in the center and features a perfect stainless steel range/oven with a large hood above it that stretches to the ceiling.

In the dining room with white walls as well, a white round table is surrounded by black complementary chairs and a large hanging light fixture with deep sky blue glass shades around the light bulbs.  Each room has a similar feel yet a different look with various splashes of color. Though with three small children, white walls are probably not the smartest choice!

With so many different styles, tastes, likes and dislikes, the homes of today’s celebrities are diverse.  What one star strives to achieve in terms of celebrity opulence, another runs as fast as she can from the large, typical estate style abode.

Many others seem to fall between the two looks and go with elegant, tasteful, and understated designs that are pleasing to the eye and very welcoming.  The common thread through each and every home is that no expense is spared on every part from the appliances in the kitchen to the furniture throughout the house to the accessories that give the house personality.

The most fun for you is peeking into the life of your favorite celebrity by looking at his or her home in magazines and online.  You can get ideas and work with looks you love to create a similar style in your own home.  So have fun and explore the world of your favorite celebrity homes.   See what you can do to achieve a comparable look to your own home.

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