Infinity Group Realty of Fort Collins now to be ERA Herman Group Real Estate

My company Infinity Group Realty has just merged with ERA Herman Group Real Estate.

I am looking forward to the change and we will see what happens to the Fort Collins Real Estate market because of it.

Denver-based ERA Herman Group Real Estate acquired Fort Collins Infinity Group Realty on Thursday, marking a new chapter for the company.

The deal was made public Thursday afternoon at the Armstrong Hotel, 259 S. College Ave., in downtown Fort Collins, where Infinity owners Eric Sachs and Nathan Froelick, along with ERA Herman Group Real Estate CEO Roger Herman, addressed employees. Me being one of them.

With the acquisition, Infinity Group Realty has been renamed ERA Herman Group Real Estate, and Sachs and Froelick will assume the roles of regional mangers for the office at 112 E. Olive St in downtown Fort Collins.

Founded in 2006, Infinity Group Realty has 26 agents, and with the changing real estate market through the past year, the company saw the value of merging with a larger company that could provide their agents with added tools, Sachs said in a phone interview Wednesday.

“We felt that Roger Herman and ERA’s business model was revolutionary, not only to our market but to the country,” said Sachs, who noted the merger will add systems and tools for their agents to make them more successful and ultimately grow the company.

Infinity Group Realty has always prided itself on being an independent and locally owned. Sachs said they were able to reconcile selling because Herman Group is locally owned and covers the Denver real estate market. He said the firm will maintain the same local culture with the added benefits and real estate agents in Fort Collins.

ERA Real Estate is a global listing company with more than 3 million properties in its database. Herman, a franchisee for ERA, operates out of Denver and has more than 1,000 agents covering Pueblo to the Wyoming border as well as southeast Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Miami.

ERA Herman Group Real Estate, in business since 2004, started expanding into Northern Colorado this year and searched out a company and location for their 30 agents who work in the region.

Herman said in a phone interview Thursday he decided to acquire Infinity Group Realty largely based on Sachs and Froelick’s leadership and the culture they have cultivated at the Fort Collins office.

By taking on Infinity Group Realty, Herman said they will now be able to offer the brokers and customers access to ERA’s tools and technology that includes Internet exposure, seller security plans, asset management, access to its short-sale division and exposure to 33,000 other ERA agents in 47 countries.

Herman said ERA’s model is geared toward a mobile broker and the Internet rather than the overhead that comes with maintaining a large corporate office.

“We are focused on the new generation of Fort Collins real estate agents,” Herman said. “Our model is low cost and high value.”

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