Fort Collins Real Estate Year in Review

Single-family Homes Sold in Fort Collins September 2009 vs. September 2010

2009 Units Sold       2010 Units Sold        Percent Change        2009 Median         2010 Median        Percent Change

185                                   158                                     Decrease 15%                  $231,019                      $267,241               Increase 16%

So the good news is that Fort Collins median home prices increased by 16% over the past year, however the total number units of homes sold decreased by 15%. Looking to 2011, the market is pretty stable and will continue to be stable in the near future. Buying a home in Fort Collins is a good idea now as the analysts are forecasting interest to increase. Go to my Facebook Fan Page to get more information and to get the sccop on what’s going on and around the Fort Collins Real Estate Market.

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