Fort Collins Home Maintenance Tips

Fort Collins Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance TipsCheck on the operation or schedule the maintenance of these common Fort Collins home items regularly:

When you make the decision of owning a home in Fort Collins, it is of vital importance to keep up with the operation and maintenance of several different items inside your house. In order to keep you and your family safe, you have to make sure everything is functioning properly on a timely basis.

Items to Check Regularly

Your smoke detector should be checked to make sure that its batteries are charged to detect any accidental fires in the house. The carbon monoxide detector should also be checked to make sure it has enough battery power because carbon monoxide can be very dangerous. Refrigerator water filters need to be changed according to their settings because the filters do get dirty and it is unhealthy to drink backed up, dirty water.

Items to Check Monthly

Pliers and cuttersIt is not necessary to check every item in your house on a regular basis, but it is still important to check the proper maintenance on a monthly basis. Your fire extinguisher should be looked at on this monthly basis to make sure that it is fully charged and determine if it needs to be recharged or replaced if needed.

Your sink stopper, drains, and garbage disposals should all be cleaned out on a monthly basis to ensure proper drainage. Be sure to check your heating system’s type of filter because some may need to be replaced on a monthly basis.

Items to Check Every 2-3 Months

It’s important that every 2 months, you clean and maintain the walls of your furnace/grill and the grease filter on your range hood. Dirty buildup can occur on these surfaces and it’s important to make sure they stay sanitary in ensure clean cooking environments. Every 3 months, it’s important to clean the aerator on your faucets and ensure that any debris/rubber seal quality on the tub drain is in proper functioning condition so that any leaks or drainage issues can be addressed before it causes more damage.

Items to Check Every 6 Months

Your bathrooms should be thoroughly inspected for any leaks and caulking that needs to be replaced in or around the toilet, tub, and sinks. Because of the high use of the average home owner doing laundry, it’s important to check all filters, hoses, and lint from ducts or surrounding areas. All wiring throughout the home should be thoroughly examined as well.

Items to Check on a Seasonal Basis

It’s important to take a look at all aspects of the roofing and gutter systems above your home on a seasonal basis to clear out any debris or check for any damage that may have happened throughout the different types of weather. All windows and siding should be inspected to make sure that no damage has happened. If you have any outdoor faucets, consider shutting these valves and be sure to clean any outdoor thermostats that may have been damaged because of weather.


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