Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners - Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

Happy Times with Your Pet

A high percentage of home owners are also pet owners, and even though nothing compares to having a pet, there are definitely some disadvantages. One major disadvantage is cleaning up after them, because you can’t expect them to do it themselves now can you?

Dogs usually do their business outside, and cats will have their place indoors to go to the bathroom, but sometimes it all doesn’t go the way it is supposed to. The odd time there will be accidents, and these accidents can be anything from a minor hassle to a big chore. Being a pet owner myself, I realized there may be some new pet owners out there that may benefit by receiving some tips I have learned throughout the years.

If you have found your pet has had an accident the faster you clean it up, the better. Leaving the mess can cause stains, and can also cause lingering odours. If you get to the mess immediately it will do minimal damage, but if it is left, it can damage rugs, furniture, and even hardwood flooring permanently.

Try to pick-up or dab at the mess without rubbing it into carpet or upholstery, and try to remove as much as you can. Find a pet cleaner (you can buy them at the pet store) and spray it on the stain. After leaving it for a few minutes, scrubbing the area should remove the rest.

Even if you haven’t seen a mess, it doesn’t mean areas are clean. If your pets frequent an area of your home, you should clean it regularly. It is possible many accidents may have been missed, but also cleaning the area will ensure it’s as clean as possible.

Keeping your dog clean will allow your home to stay clean. Give your dog a bath routinely, you may want to ask your Veterinarian or consult a book about your dogs breed to find out how often they should be bathed. Cats are generally well groomed because they are always cleaning themselves, but that doesn’t mean they are spotless.

Vacuum your home regularly, especially if you have allergies. Pet hair can get anywhere and everywhere, and if you don’t vacuum regularly it is in your carpet, furniture, and air. This is a nightmare to allergy suffers, and most people with allergies stay away from the homes of pet owners for this reason.

Regularly clean your cat’s litter box or your dog’s house because they can be full of germs. Use a non-toxic cleaner to clean the area, and if needed use an air freshener. I use vinegar to clean, because it is safe and cheap.

Clean your pet’s feeding dish. Over time it can pick up germs, and cleaning them regularly will eliminate them. If any dishes are cracked or broken throw them out, because they can be hazardous to your animals. There may be other dangers for your pet as well if their dish cracks, such as lead paint.

Someone who loves animals will know of the amazing times that are to be had by owning one. From the unconditional love they show, to the unique personalities each animal has, it’s easy to forget about the disadvantages of owning one. As long as you ensure the house is cleaned regularly, and you keep your eyes open for accidents, they are hardly an inconvenience at all.

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