5 Cost Effective Projects to Improve Curb Appeal for Fort Collins Real Estate

5 Cost Effective Projects to Improve Curb AppealFort Collins Real Estate tips:

You could spend a lot of money on exterior home improvements and still not sell your home in Fort Collins. Worse yet, you might rake in the offers, but realize that the money you invested cannot possibly be recouped. That’s why it’s better to focus your energy – and your budget – on projects that will pay for themselves, through the overall market value of your property. Here are five affordable projects that can help to increase your home’s curb appeal, which will get a sold sign/ active back-up sign up faster in today’s Fort Collins Real Estate Market.

1) Go Green – Fort Collins

  • A lush, green lawn goes a long way towards convincing potential Fort Collins buyers that it’s worth their time to come in and view the house. In addition, good grass maintenance sends a subconscious signal that you’re meticulous about keeping the property in tip-top shape and that there shouldn’t be any maintenance problems.
  • Landscaping has been proven time and time again to attract buyers, paying for itself in the sale price of the home. Flowers and a new doormat go a long way to show you are solid Fort Collins seller that takes pride in his/her home. If you can, hire a professional to choose plants and trees that complement each other, along with being appropriate to your climate and easy to care for.

2) Quick Fixes

When it comes to Fort Collins real estate sales, details matter. That means that now is the time to address all of those to-dos that never got to over the years. Do a complete sweep of the property and note all the imperfections. Then, get to work taking care of them. Pay special attention to the problem areas that you have probably gotten used to. Even though you don’t notice them anymore, potential buyers will spot them immediately with their fresh eyes:

  • Cracks in the driveway or sidewalk
  • Flaking, peeling paint, inside and outside
  • Fences in disrepair or in need of paint
  • Rust on anything
  • Broken shutters
  • Damaged outdoor lighting

3) Rain, Rain Go Away

If you’ve been putting off repair or replacement of rain gutters, now is the time to get to it. New drainage systems add a finished look to your home. They also keep rain off the exterior of your house which is guaranteed to eventually find its way inside. Missing or broken rain gutters tell possible buyers that there is potential for issues with interior mold and mildew. Don’t lose out by skipping over this step, which usually costs far less than you expect. Your most detail oriented buyers and you know who they are will definitely look at your gutters while looking for Fort Collins real estate.

4) Storage Solutions

No doubt you know that closet space is a huge selling point. But, give some thought to the roots of that golden rule. When people are considering living in your home, they want to be sure there is enough space to spread out and put away their belongings. If your home doesn’t boast a full basement or three-car garage, you can still advertise lots of storage space. Add an outdoor shed made of solid, quality materials, where shovels, lawnmowers, and other large yard equipment can be stored safely.

5) Fine Top Layer

Unless you’re selling a fixer-upper, your buyers are unlikely to be interested in taking responsibility for a whole face-lift right away. Lure them in by offering a brand new outside, with a new coat of paint or fresh siding. Use neutral colors with low-key trim contrast that fits in with the rest of the neighborhood. This is not the time to get experimental. Remember, your goal is to reflect the tastes of the new owners, not yours.

Raise Your Home’s Curb Appeal in Fort Collins

Use these tips to raise the curb appeal of your home. Curb appeal is what potential homebuyers first see when they drive past or up to your home. If your curb appeal is low, chances are they may never even come inside. By raising your curb appeal, you raise the chances of them wanting to come inside a take a thorough look at what your home has to offer. Your home’s curb appeal will help it to sell faster.


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