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Fort Collins Relocation and School Information

Magnificent lake with bright blue waterAlthough it can seem daunting at first when you are deciding to move to a new city that you have not lived in before, you can be rest assured that your move to Fort Collins will benefit you and most likely will exceed your expectations.  Fort Collins is a great place to have a life. Whether you are relocating here for a job, change of life, or a fabulous place to raise a family, we have it all!

Fort Collins saw a population increase in the last 10 years at a rate of 21.4%. One of Fort Collins neighboring towns, Timnath, which is a fast growing development, had one of the fastest growing populations in Colorado growing at a rate of 180% – 223 residents to 625 residents.

Loveland, another neighboring town grew by 32.1%. This data shows that the Fort Collins region is gaining some serious population momentum because it’s a great place to live!

The city of Fort Collins was named the number one place to live in the United States and frequently appears on the top 10 list every year. One of the biggest reasons that Fort Collins has consistently made this list is because of its outstanding economy.

The city is home to a diverse set of large companies that give excellent opportunities to its residents. These companies include HP, Advanced Energy, and Otter Box. Colorado State University, at the heart of Fort Collins near Old Town, offers the number one business school in Colorado, and a top ranking veterinary medicine school and construction management school.

These economic conditions welcome relocating to Fort Collins and the city has not suffered as many other towns throughout the United States because of the poor economy through the late 2000’s.

When you are ready to relocate to Fort Collins, the city is waiting with average home prices at about $260,000. This is just the average price and you can really find home prices at many different price levels to fit your budget. It can be a large challenge to go through the many home options and choices through online directories so it really is in your best interest to get a reputable Fort Collins realtor to help you.

Moving to a brand new city can really seem daunting, but with everything Fort Collins has to offer, you are really missing out by not moving here! The homes and economic opportunities are waiting for you!

Fort Collins Schools

Great Schools
Elementary, middle and high school information for Fort Collins for public, private, and charter schools nationwide and great source for you while you are searching for Fort Collins Real Estate. A lot of times people like to search for a new home by school. You find the perfect school that you would like your child to attend and then you find a house in a neighborhood that feeds into that school. Search and compare schools in Fort Collins; view test scores and class sizes; and find advice about going back to school, college prep, No Child Left Behind, summer reading lists and more. You need to take these ratings with a grain of salt. Test scores are telling but it is best to talk with actual parents who have actual children that attend these schools and get their opinions. Some people will love one school for one thing and you might not need or want that thing they love about it so it is best to get a few opinions. Take a tour of the school, talk to the principal, read online. All great ways to gain information about a new school.

School Matters

A public source of information and analysis about our nation’s public schools and public high school districts, another great source when looking for a home in Fort Collins. Another option to look at while looking into Fort Collins schools. I feel if you can find as many sources as you can and take everything into account you can find a good Fort Collins school that will fit your child’s needs.

I have 3 school-aged children. I know that when looking for a new home, schools were the most important item for me, then came the house. Tailoring your Fort Collins real estate search around the schools is a pretty good way to go about it and it whittles the  neighborhoods down quite a bit.

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