Choosing the Right Fort Collins Neighborhood

Choosing Fort Collins NeighborhoodsWhen you are looking for real estate that fits your lifestyle in Fort Collins, you need to take a look at specific neighborhood’s that would work with you and your life. If you are new to the Fort Collins area, your Realtor, me! can assist you in brainstorming what type of neighborhood would fit with your life.

When thinking of neighborhood’s that would work for you, consider things like stores you’d like to visit, the type of people you want around you (students/families/professionals), and entertainment in the area (parks/hikes/cinemas/attractions) that you can see yourself visiting on a daily basis.

Many future home owners in Fort Collins are looking for a neighborhood that would work for their entire family. Fort Collins schools for the children are a huge part of this and it’s important to find schools that will be compatible for your loved ones. Scan information about schools in different Fort Collins neighborhood’s over at in order to see statistics such as ranks, comments, and test scores.

There are many different types of schools in Fort Collins such as charter schools, IB schools, and CORE knowledge schools. Consider taking tours of these different types of schools in your top neighborhood selections to find something that would best work for your kids. Talk with other parents with children at these Fort Collins schools as well.

Approaches for Smaller Budgets

Some of the most desirable Fort Collins neighborhood’s are also some of the most expensive. It’s realistic to understand that in our current economy, it’s not possible to reach every neighborhood of desire because of financial struggles. However, if you do careful research, you may find yourself in a great neighborhood for a bargain.

Start by doing research into areas that are currently expanding in Fort Collins. Try to find areas that are getting future development. Examples of future development can be transit expansions or new community centers (pools/cinemas/stores/restaurants). There are also areas of Fort Collins that are being newly built, such as neighborhood’s that are a little out of the main town, but may be hot spots in the future.

If you feel that the neighborhood is one of the most important aspects of your home, contemplate purchasing a condominium instead of a home. A condominium can give you many of the same luxuries of owning a home and still allow you to be within your budget in a phenomenal neighborhood you may not have been able to afford by purchasing a house.

Look At The Neighborhood Demand in Fort Collins

A good method of figuring out great neighborhood’s is to talk directly to your Fort Collins realtor about the current demands within each of the neighborhoods. Your realtor should be well connected in Fort Collins and will know about which neighborhoods have more people buying than selling and will know where the prices are at. Your realtor may even have some information about great neighborhoods at a great bargain or will be able to let you know when something is too high. Your Fort Collins realtor is always one of your best assets.

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